memory chip not working

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memory chip not working

i got this memory chip for christmas a couple years ago and i let my friends us it for there playstation for some kinda cheat, and when i got it back all the stuff on the chip was gone and my computor wont let me put more stuff in it,formate it, and i cant figure out how it change it from read-only............ please help, i need it for my new laptop........... :(......


Matt Whitlock
Sorry, I'm going to have to

Sorry, I'm going to have to ask you a few questions to start figuring it out.

When you say "memory chip" do you mean a USB thumb drive or something like an SD memory card?
If it's an SD card, is the little switch on the side in the protect position?
If it's a thumb drive: Does the PC recognize it?
Do you get an error message?
What's the make and model of the usb drive?
Does it still work in the PS3?
Have you tried it on more than one computer?
Did the drive get partitioned (with the drive attached, right click on my computer, then click on manage. Click on disk management and look for the USB drive. See if it's got more than one partition)?

its a USB drive and when i

its a USB drive and when i put it in the computor it tell me too formate it, so i go to formate it, it says it cant formate it


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