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Car audio system

Hello, I have been looking into car audio systems and thought i would do some research before i went out and bought everything.I was wondering, if i have a 1000 watt amp, how powerful can my sub woofers be? I would also like to know do i need a certain Cd deck for certain amps and such. And my last question, will i be able to run everything with just a Cd deck, amp, and sub woofers. Your help would be greatly appreciated

Matt Whitlock
Hi Nicks, welcome to the

Hi Nicks, welcome to the TechLore Community!

I looks like most of your initial research is pretty accurate, though you could always go beyond the typical deck, amp, speakers, sub mix and add navigation, equalizers, and so on.

If you're buying a 1000 watt amp, you need to know how the amp is rated. Wattage ratings are often misleading, as a 1000 watt amp could be 1000W into one channel, 500 watts by two channels, 250 by four, etc. You'll also want to pay attention to peak and RMS ratings, as peak wattage ratings are equally misleading. RMS is the more important number, which is often far less than peak rating.

Subs don't have power per say, but they do have limits to the kind of power they can be driven at. When you pick a sub, just make sure that it can handle more than your amp can dish out.

You can add an ampt to just about any system, but since you're replacing your deck anyway, make sure it has line level outputs and a remote line to switch the amp on and off. It's better if the deck has options to cut high frequencies internaly, but your amp should also provide some of these options if your deck doesn't.

While you're upgrading your deck, make sure that your car speakers can handle the additional power. For best audio quality, you may want to consider replacing them with better speakers if needed.

im hooking up a sony explode

im hooking up a sony explode 600 wt amp and  sony explode 1100wt 10" sub but there is no sound or the sub isnt moving what can i do to fix it

Shadow_walker: I answered

Shadow_walker: I answered your question in the other thread ;)


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