Emerson AV400 Speaker Problem

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Emerson AV400 Speaker Problem

Well, I have had the Emerson AV400 Home Theater for about a year now, last Christmas, and for some reason my speakers are messing up during movies.  Out of no where, the speakers will stop and start a popping noise for about 20-90 seconds.  Gets very annoying after it happens on and off throughout a full length movie. . .  So can someone please help me? Thank you

Larry Dillon
It sounds like you have an

It sounds like you have an intermittant IC and or transistor in the amp or preamp circuits of the main amp.  Not alot a consumer can do as there are no user replaceable parts inside this unit.  It may cost more to diagnose and repair then its worth.  Things just are not made like they used to be.  Maybe this will open your eyes and help you make that decision. http://www.techlore.com/article/10602/How-to-Determine-if-you-Should-Repair-a-Broken-Device/  Good Luck and let us know what you did or had to do to get this working again.

Larry Dillon
No problem, and please come

No problem, and please come back and visit, as we have loads of cool things to see and read about.

How much did you pay for your

How much did you pay for your Emerson AV400?


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