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my mp3 player

I can't download Itunes for my mp3 but lots of my friends are able to with no problem. WHAT'S WRONG!!???


I just bought a $15 gift card

I just bought a $15 gift card for ITUNES (god know why) and I can't use it now this is really starting to piss me off (excuse my french) b/c I have done everything that I can and asked all the experts that I can find and none of the advice has worked. I seriously hope that you are smart enough to find my problem and help me fix it. does dial-up make a difference??

HELPALWAYSNEEDED (call me Blair-ann)

Matt Whitlock
Okay "Blair-ann" ,

Okay "Blair-ann" Smile,

I have gut feeling I know what your problem is, so I need you to answer one question.

What kind of MP3 player do you have? Make and model please. 


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