Car stock CD-Player going bad

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Car stock CD-Player going bad

I am a do it yourself person and I was wondering if anyone had some tips before I tear apart the cd player in my care to fix it.  When I put a cd in it usually plays alright unless I turn the cd player off and then back on (as in turning car off or just the cd player)  Then it just makes clicking noises as it tries to eject the disc.  Sometimes it will eject fairly soon, sometimes it takes repeated mashing of the button to get it to finally give the disk back (record so far is 20 minutes of this).  Also any cd, and especially burned discs will heat up a lot in this player.  Not hot enough to burn you but hot enough to make the CD-R not play after maybe 20 minutes.  Then we go through the whole ejections routine for a bit and I listen to the radio for a half hour letting the cd-player cool down, then it works again in the same manner.  Any ideas if this is fixable or if it's time for a new cd player?  New player will be hard since this is built into the dash in such a way that I think I'd have to heavily modify a store bought one or buy from Buick.

Larry Dillon
It sounds like theres an

It sounds like theres an issue mostly with the eject mechanism.. it wouldnt surprise me at the least, if you opened the unit and found a small belt  or gear thats out of shape or bad on the eject motor. Is it a singe disc player?  If it is ABC warehouse sells these things cheap and good models too!! They even include installation at some stores for free!. I bought a six disc changer to go along with my single CD unit they installed in the trunk  and hold a cartirage and works through my FM on the radio and cost only $225.00 Bucks!  And its a JVC!  A dealer radio for my Seebring was going to cost 700 bucks!  Check out other stores too, you will be happy I think. Good Luck!

Thank you Larry,  I am not

Thank you Larry,  I am not sure what brand it is, and it is a single disk player, 97 buick lesabre after all.  That's a good idea about ABC warehouse I should check them out.

Thank you


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