Hitachi 50v715 light engine replacement

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I found that site recently

I found that site recently too. I registered through the site, but haven't received any sort of feedback.

Their suit also looks like it was filed in 2008, along with that Texas suit that most people should have run across.

The upside to this site, is the suit isn't specific to the 50v500 like the Texas one was.

I wish there was some current information on any of these... but it's hard to tell if any of this is even active or not.

There's also no way to upload files to that site either... I was hoping it was a different/new site... I even took pictures! Found a black and white movie... with a big yellow 'stain'. Looks great!

Hitachi paid for the light

Hitachi paid for the light engine on mine but refused to pay labor.

I had to pay $225 to get my set back.

It is working now, but I am afraid it will go bad again because the tech told me it looked like a remanufactured part to him.

At this point, I think Hitachi should have to give everyone at least $1000 trade in towards a television of our choice.

This was an over $2000 TV when new and it only last two years before the repair and took over 3 months to get it fixed.

The Mayor

Member The latest on this issue is there's a class action lawsuit depending deposition in Japan in June 2010. Counsel is being handled by.

Robert I. Lax
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Facsimile: (212) 818-1266
rlax [at] lax-law [dot] com

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I just had a service guy in

I just had a service guy in and he said to look into sites like this. The cost for him to get the light engine and replace it was $750. I had already started looking at something in the $1000 range so am not going to fight it...... now. Especially when you hear that it can go out again in less than a year. I have the huge red glow.

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I just had a tech come out. I

I just had a tech come out. I paid 75 for the trio charge. I have a green dot in the middle of my TV. The TV man said it was my light engine. He also said That Hitachi will send one from free out to my house to replacement t. Of course They are closed ob the weekends but I wanted to post so if anyone else is having g this problem you have an answer. Labor is 225.00 . I will pay due to I have a 60 inch TV. I will repist upon getting a result. I sent a email to express my concern as well as I will call. This site was so helpful. Does anyone know if Hitachi will keep replacing the lift engine if it keeps going out after they replace it the first time?

have the 50v500 also, bought

have the 50v500 also, bought in 04 circuit city. extended warranty just expired,of course.i too have the dreaded blue blob.thought it was the bulb at first also,but after reading hundreds of remarks re:this tv, i now know its the light engine.thank you everyone!called hitachi today the lady told me i have to have the tv looked at by a "licensed hitachi repair center first.then send the copy of the technicans findings to some appeals commitee in cal. then if they approve it hitachi will send me the parts more than able to replace this part myself and we all know the part is bad,sounds like many of you just got the part sent to them. did anyone have to do all this before getting the new part? please help

For original replacement

For original replacement parts go to the website below.



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