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Is there a simple why to track your questions on Techlore forum to see if you have any feed back.

I have posted a lot of questions, and find it hard to remember where I have posted them all.

If would be great to have a way to track them.

Steven Jones (not verified)
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See this thread for a

See this thread for a discussion of our upcoming Subscription features:

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
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Ed, You can also check all of


You can also check all of the threads you created by clicking My Library under "MY ACCOUNT" in the nav bar at the top of the screen. It won't show you all threads you've submitted comments in, but it will show you every thread you've created.

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I have a phillips tv and i am

I have a phillips tv and i am looking for 2kv 821pf capacitor.I've found a few on the net,but i would have to buy 100 or more at a time.Or i would have to be a dealer.Does anyone know where i could get one at?

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you can try eBay 
you can try eBay 

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