connected laptop to tv but no color

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connected laptop to tv but no color


I connected my Dell Latitude 110L to a philips widescreen HDTV using S-video cable. My laptop doesn't have an S-video output but instead it has a VGA outpu, so i used a VGA to S-video convertor and connected using S-video. I managed to get the screen to work but the display on the tv is in grayscale and for some reason the desktop appears three times.

I tried all resolutions possible. 800*600 gives me 4 desktops on the tv and 1240*760 gives me 3 desktops. but if i  go beyond that i can't see anything on the tv.

 Display adapter: Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family

I tried updating the drivers but nothing changed. 

I also tried all possible outputting ways (LCD and TV, TV only etc ...)

anyone has any idea about what's wrong ?? 

Matt Whitlock
Which VGA to S-Video

Which VGA to S-Video converter did you use? 

Also, have you tried using a different S-video cable. A black and white image is a common symptom of bad S-Video cables. 

i'm using this one

i'm using this one

i haven't tried another s-video cable yet.

i'll try using it with another laptop that has s-video to confirm if the problem is from the cable. 

I tried the s-video cable

I tried the s-video cable with another laptop that has s-video out and it worked perfectly. I then tried the same connection i used using the vga out on the other laptop and got the same result as on my laptop. Could this be a defective conversion cable or is this cable just a rip, as a friend on mine told me, and it doesn't work ever ?? He says that you can't convert VGA that has 15 pins to s-video that has 5 pins. Is that correct ??

I had that problem before
I had that problem before using an S-Video cable from my DVD player to my TV. I found it was a broken pin on one end of the cable. Replaced the cable and all was fine..

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