RCA surround sound receiver#RT2500

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RCA surround sound receiver#RT2500

I have a surround sound receiver rca model #RT2500.It has a diode that lights up on a circuit board.When the diode is lit no sound comes out of my speakers when the light goes off it seems to be working properly.How could I fix this problem?

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
It could be some sort of

It could be some sort of protection circuit. Start by checking the speaker connections at both ends. Make sure they are solid, but not touching anything but the posts.

If that doesn't work, it could be a blown speaker that's causing it. Remove a speaker from the back of the receiver and play something. If it still shuts off, reattach and remove another one. Keep going to see if it's one or many different speakers. If still no go, verify it works with all speakers unplugged. If yes, attach each speaker individually to see if it turns off.

Post back with what you find out.

has anyone found out the

has anyone found out the problem with this i cant get my amp on

Eric Daugherty (not verified)
My RCA RT2500 Home Theater

My RCA RT2500 Home Theater receiver willnot turn on. Has any one come up with any reasons why this happens. All normal troubleshooting procedures have failed to produce an answer.

Thanks, Dun

Matt Whitlock
Follow the procedure above.

Follow the procedure above. If it turns off with everything disconnected, then it is in need of service or replacement.

I can't give a better answer than that. Internal problems with receivers are a nightmare to diagnose.

Ron Repking (not verified)
Try reading this thread.  

Try reading this thread.



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