Sony DVP-CX985V Megachanger wont spin up DVDs

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Sony DVP-CX985V Megachanger wont spin up DVDs

I have a Sony DVP-CX985V DVD Megachanger that is several years old.  I've been happy with the system however it started acting up lately.  It wont spin up the DVDs consistantly any more.

I opened it up and found that if I give the DVD a little spin with my finger while the system is clicking trying to spin it, it will occasionally catch and be able to play the whole movie.  But once it stops it can have a hard time starting again.

It seems to go in fits and spurts, it will be fine on it's own for a week and then needs help for a bit.  All of the other functionality of the system seems fine. 

Has anyone else experienced this problem?  or know a solution?  I wonder if there might be a problem with the power in my apartment in general as some other electronics have been acting up lately.  but I don't know if this would be a symptom of bad power source.  

I can't find mention of this problem on the internet and the system is rare enough sony customer service even has trouble figuring out what system it is.

       Thanks for your help,


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There is a dead spot on the

There is a dead spot on the spindle motor.  If this is the model I think, the DVDs play sideways right?  This puts more stress on the motors and tends to wear them more frequently.  IF the optics are good, then the repair shouldn't be more than about $100 for parts and labor.  While a fairly straight forward repair, replacing the motor is time consuming.


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Thankyou very much Dan, this

Thankyou very much Dan, this is a system that plays the DVD on edge.  Ill have to find a repair shop.  Thank's again!


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Hello, i ma having the same

Hello, i ma having the same problem... would you mind sharing the steps you took to solve the problem?

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So... I ended up looking for

So... I ended up looking for a new system as most repair shops I found were shady or wanted too much $$. You'll have a bear of a time finding the same system. I went with the newer model. While it works well, the dick changer software is slow.

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So is there nowhere to take

So is there nowhere to take these for service? This is my second one and I wish there was a way to get it serviced without paying an arm and a leg.

I don't even think I would mind it, but I think Sony should be trying to buy the chassis back and keep them out of a landfill.

Has anyone found a shop that repairs these?

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Having the same EXACT problem

Having the same EXACT problem. Opened up the unit and the disc wasn't spinning. Gave it a nudge with finger tip and it started spinning on its own and kept spinning. It wouldn't spin up the next disc without a nudge though but the disc after that would spin up on it's own.

Very weird.

Tried using compressed air to clean it out...thinking dust could be clogging it up. This didn't help at all. I wouldn't advise doing this again because the compressed air spits out a liquid and although it evaporates really quickly it may do further damage.

Have a number for Sony somewhere. Used it in the past for them to fix a stupid user error on my part ... gonna try and see if I can locate and use it again.

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Got the Following from Sony's

Got the Following from Sony's website. My unit is not under warranty.

Sony Exchange Service Information

Your unit is covered under an exchange program. The exchange is for the same or a comparable model. The replacement unit will be factory refurbished.

A refurbished unit is one which is not an original, factory fresh unit; for various reasons, it has been returned to Sony from a dealer or customer, or for some reason cannot be sold as "new". The replacement would have been through a complete re-work and inspection and, except for possible minor cosmetic flaws, returned to the original factory specifications. It is then repackaged with all of the accessories and supplied materials a new unit comes with.

The cost to exchange this unit under our Exchange Program is $261.47 (plus any applicable taxes). Return shipping is included in this price.

This quoted price is based upon the direct replacement model. Product availability and pricing may vary if the direct replacement model is not available. If this applies, You will be contacted by a customer service representative.

Based upon the information you have entered, your unit appears to qualify for the Flat Rate pricing quoted above. Not covered under our Flat Rate pricing is the following:

1. Units requiring replacement of display devices*
2. Internal corrosion or moisture damage
3. Cosmetic parts **
4. Physical abuse.
5. Misuse or excessive wear. ***
6. Units older than seven (7) years from last market date.
7. Damage resulting from prior service.

If upon examination, it is determined that your unit does not qualify for Flat Rate pricing, then a parts and/or labor repair quote will be given to you. If you approve your estimate, payment must be made in order to proceed with repair. If you refuse your estimate, you can elect to have your unit disposed at our facility or your unit can be returned to you for a nominal fee. All repaired units will be returned to you with a 90 day part and labor warranty covering the entire unit.

During the course of the repair of your unit, it is possible that data, software or other materials stored or preserved on your unit will be lost or reformatted. It is your responsibility to backup any data, software or any other material. If you are not comfortable with performing this backup process, we suggest that you contact a service professional. Sony does not perform this type of service and will not be responsible for any damage or loss of material.

* Projection and TV picture tubes, optical blocks, Plasma panels and LCD panels

** Cosmetic parts (such as: cabinets)

*** Product used commercially or used in a manner other than intended or designed.

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Unfortunately, Sony fixed

Unfortunately, Sony fixed price repairs tend to be expensive. My normal rate for this repair is $100 plus parts. The parts run from $25-$50 depending upon whether or not the optics need to be replaced. The replacement motor runs about $15 or so.



I had the same problem and I fixed it for a lot less than 100$.

Two words: "Friction" and "butter".

The DVD doesn't spin because of friction in the plastic parts.
To fix it: open the DVD, look for the white wheel that holds the CD/DVD in place while spinning. when the slot is empty - pull it out from the fork that holds it (careful not to break it).
Lubricate both the wheel and the fork with butter or vegetable based replacement (margarine) which I prefer, replace the white wheel back into place.
Give it a couple of tries with spinning some disks inside - and see the magic.

[email protected].

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Wow, wish I'd seen this

Wow, wish I'd seen this before disposing of the old one... a few notes:

It's probably better to use silicon based lubricants (silicon spray, silicon oil) rather then carbon ones (vegetable oil, butter, almost anything natural) the carbon based ones will slowly but surely degrade the plastics.

for those looking to upgrade, the new system has really lousy software. it'll regularly leave you waiting 10 to 30 sec to preforme the next action

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I have had the same problem.

I have had the same problem. The verticle disc causes the spindle motor to go bad. I tried cleaning it and lubricating it with no luck. The motor itself can not be ordered but the entire board can. I have done it a couple of times and it is fairly simple. A dozen or so screws to remove to reach the board holding the KHM-290AA board. Once you have the board accessed you just have to remove three screws and two ribbon cables to remove the part number A-6061-908-A from the mounting bracket. The part needed to replace is A-6061-908-A and can be order at for about $25. A fix takes about 20 minutes and only a phillips screw driver to do.

Much less than any Sony repair or even buying the part from Sony.

Good luck

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Sadly - when we did the

Sadly - when we did the remodel on our bedroom, I tossed out the unit out about 6 months ago. I even still have the remote for it.

I still have another one - that has issues with keeping the titles - you can put them in and a day or two later about half will erase.

Anyone have ideas on this? When I have talked to Sony about it, they tell my I have power issues which is complete horse crap. I have this unit, a stereo and a sub woofer all plugged in and none of the lose power.

Any help is appreciated - I really like the unit but this is too painful to have to keep mucking with the titles.


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I am trying to get a hold of

I am trying to get a hold of member of the name cheesehead.

I noted that you said you still had your remote , I like to
but it if you still have it.

Please get a hold of me.


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