what's the difference between TECHLORE and ROBOCOMMUNITY?

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what's the difference between TECHLORE and ROBOCOMMUNITY?

hello everyone, I just subscribed yesterday on TECHLORE (and on www.robocommunity.com at the begining of december) because a guy called Peter Redmer wrote a thread on robocommunity about TECHLORE ,and it was very interesting so I subscribed and now I can't tell the difference between the two of them, can you give me a hand ? 

Peter Redmer
TechLore, the site you are

TechLore, the site you are currently on, is a community where anyone who loves gadgets, computers, video game, cellphones, or just plain technology overall gets together. At TechLore, the focus is on getting the most out of your gear and helping others do the same. You'll find a wealth of information from how to set up your home theater, to getting your iPod synced correctly, to even video game reviews.

RoboCommunity is the premier community on the web to talk about all things WowWee, as you know :) You can find reviews of bots, advice, hacks and mods, and more. There's also a lot of independent hacks and robotic projects that you can find there, too.

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