My RCA mp3 player shrunk!

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Dawn the musician
My RCA mp3 player shrunk!

I got a 1GB rca mp3 player for Christmas last year it was working fine until a couple weeks ago I deleted about 200mb to make room for some new music. It deleted all my previously saved music and the new stuff : (  I was only able to put some of the music back on because it now only had 700mb of free space! I tried reformatting it in FAT instead of FAT32 and now it tells me that I have 299mb of free space but it won't let me add any more files...I'm confused.


Matt Whitlock
You'll want to reformat your

You'll want to reformat your player again, in FAT32, not FAT.

Don't forget that a player's memory capacity is measured differently by the manufacturer than by your PC. This will account for much of the difference, plus you'll need to figure some space is used for system functions of the player.

Read this article for more on this (it talks about digital camera memory cards, but the info is relevant to MP3 players as well): My Memory Card Has Less Capacity than Labeled

This may also be helpful too: How Many Songs Are Supposed to Fit on My MP3 Player?


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