ipod washed and need help

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ipod washed and need help

i left my 2gbipod in my pants pocket and accidentally washed it i need help on what to do. i got my ipod around agust 2007



Peter Redmer
Hmm. This is a tough one,

Hmm. This is a tough one, and I wish I could help on a more technical level. However, there's not too much you can do with your iPod other than wait.

I've known many people who have washed electronics on accident, and the result is usually one of the following events:

1. The device never works again, ever, due to permanent damage.

2. The device will work again once the inside dries out and be basically like it never happened.

3. It will "sort of" work, possibly displaying signs of damage, erratic or unreliable operation, water behind the screen (if it has one) or other issues.

The bottom line is that it probably won't work at all until the insides dry out, and if it's sealed up well, it may never dry out.

If you're feeling brave, you could try to disassemble it at the risk of damaging it. At this point, you could let the internal parts of the device try out, reassemble it, and try again.

You could also try sending it in for service.

There's no guarantee that your iPod will be repairable or ever start working again, but there is a chance that if you wait, and it dries out without permanently damaging it, that it could come back to life.

It happened to me once, with an old PrimeCo cellphone, so don't give up hope.


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