mitsubishi VS-60705 horizontal lines won't go away

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mitsubishi VS-60705 horizontal lines won't go away

I've got a Mitsubishi VS-60705 that has a great picture for about 30 minutes, then the picture starts to narrow, top to bottom, then it will start to roll with a broad band of black lines in the rolling picture. Sometimes the band of lines will start at the bottom & jump up to center screen. I've had the TV repair man make 3 house calls in the past week to try & remedy this, & each time the picture looks great 'till he gets out of sight, then it does the same thing again. If I have to call him again I guess I'll just have to list him as a dependant on my taxes. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this set? Can i fix it myself? thanks for any info & Merry Christmas!

no you can not fix it your

no you can not fix it your self.
however you can ask those gys to take it to their shop and fix it once and for all.
most liktly the problem is in the vertical section of the tv.
one of the electrolytic capacitors or an ic chip is overheating and thats what is cousing your problem.
why don't you ask those guys what kind of warrenty you are getting for the fix??
it sure sounds like a simple repair but it takes time. i do feel for those repairman, been there, done that.

pseven convergence ic's could

even convergence ic's could 'couse this problem.


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