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Please someone help me get rid of this...I have a DCR-TRV 330, runs great, turned on and blinking C:31:22 is all I can get to happen, please reply with any HELP, Thanx, Glazmon Earl"E"

Matt Whitlock
Any error beginning with "C

Any error beginning with "C:31 or C:32" is a serviceable issue. Sony recommends the following:

1. Turn off the camcorder.
2. Remove the battery or disconnect the AC power adapter for 60 seconds.
3. Insert the battery or reconnect the AC adapter.
4. Turn on the camcorder.
5. If the error message appears, service may be required.

Thanx for reply, tried to

Thanx for reply, tried to remove battery an see c:31:23, it changed, guess I'm going for repair? Thanx for any reply, Glazmon Earl"E"


video on how to do the repair
luckily i hadnt lost the little whit plastic retainer in mine so all i had to do was press it back into place, all fine and dandy now :)


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