Prob with free mp3 player from Napster

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Prob with free mp3 player from Napster

Bell South sent me, as a reward for getting DSL, a mp3 player with a 3 months 'Napster to Go' subscription. I decided not to sign up for the napster because it wants my credit card. But I am suppose to be able to download songs from my computer. And Yet, my Windows Media Player 10..will not recognize it is plugged in. (I have Windows XP) I have looked in my device list and it is there as "My flash mp3 player" but says there is no driver.
has anyone received this MP3 and do ya think I will have to subscribe to 'Napster to Go' to get the driver? sorry this is so long.

Hi SCmag,When you plug it in

Hi SCmag,

When you plug it in you say it's listed in Device Manager ... does it also create a new drive in My Computer ?

Most portable media players temporarily create a new drive in My Computer and you should be able to add compatible music files to that drive in exactly the same way that you would add them to any other hard drive, floppy or drag/drop, copy/paste media.

You shouldn't have to sign up with napster for the player to work but ya never know, they might have produced a special mp3 player which only works with specific download sites.

XP has already detected and recognised the player so no other drivers should be needed. The player is quite possibly too new or incompatible with Windows MediaPlayer, don't know if WMP only recognises devices on a specific internal device list or whether it should "see" any generic removable media.

Try the drag/drop, copy/paste if you get a new drive icon for the player ... if no drive icon then I dunno what to suggest, email Bell South for a user guide !!!

Good luck ;)


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