i need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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monica pintelon
i need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my 15 year old son has asked me to hook up his cd player into his 1985 chevy pick up, I cut the dash and all is working great but I can't figure out how to secure the radio in the dash it wiggles around and pushes in if hit too hard. Any ideas on how I can secure it in? I would greatly appreciate any advice. My son is happy I (his Mom) can do these things but now hes a bit dissapointed in me cause I cant figure out how to secure it in, please help. Thank you in advance; Monica

Matt Whitlock
Can you post a few pictures

Can you post a few pictures of your installation? Car audio adive is often installation specific, and without seeing it, I'm not sure how much help everyone can be.

Also, we want you to show off your work! You should be proud that you've accomplished this much so far!


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