Professional broadcast Sony settings?

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Professional broadcast Sony settings?

Hi there!

Recently I taped a video greeting for a friend's wedding on a miniDV tape with a Sony PD-150 camera. I gave the miniDV tape to a friend, and she was unable to play it on her miniDV camera (not a Sony product). Something about professional broadcast Sony settings?

The same thing has happened again with another miniDV tape I have given her.

This is a new problem for me. What is happening? How can we fix the situation or at least avoid the problem in the future?

Thanks for your help!

Ron Repking (not verified)
Do you know what the model #

Do you know what the model # is for her camcorder?

I'll find out - thanks! Ron,

I'll find out - thanks! Ron, have you heard of the Sony settings problem before?

It's a Cannon GL2. What do

It's a Cannon GL2. What do ya think? Thank you.

The TechLore Team
I assume that your model is

I assume that your model is actually a Sony DSRPD150, a professional grade camcorder (nice device!). Your camcorder records in both DV format and DVCAM format which are different. DV is a standard format while DVCAM is Sony specific format which is described as follows:

DVCAM improves quality over DV by increasing the tape speed from 18.8mm/sec to 28.2mm/sec. It also increases track width from 10 to 15 microns for added reliability. DVCAM uses the same metal evaporated tape as does DV, and DVCAM cassettes can be played in DVCAM, DVCPRO and DVCPRO50 tape decks.

I'm guessing that you are recording DVCAM format on a DV tape and that's why your friend can't read it. Try finding the setting in your user's manual to switch to DV format when you want to send something to your friend!

You should also read this link as there was a recall for certain camcorders of your type:

Thanks Team TechLore! I love

Thanks Team TechLore! I love this site.

I assume an output on a professional Sony deck would leave me with the same problem?

Also, can regular Sony miniDV camcorders play DVCAM?

Ron Repking (not verified)
Your camcorder will

Your camcorder will specifically say if it can play DVCAM or not. More than likely, it probably can't.

What do you mean by professional Sony deck?

Glad to help you out. Tell your friends!


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