Repairing My Convergence IC's for Toshiba TZ-55V61

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Repairing My Convergence IC's for Toshiba TZ-55V61

Hello all,

 I'm about to start repairing my 55" toshiba, and I've diagnosed the problem as being with the convergence IC's.  I'm going to be replacing the part STK392-110, and I have a few questions before I get started.

 First, are there any precautions I should look into?  I have electronic background, so I know all of the typical precautions, but is there anything specific to this type of repair that I should look out for?

 Second, I haven't pulled out the board yet, but, how many of the IC's should I get?  Three?  One?  I only need to replace the one for the Blue, because that is the one that seems to be messed up.

 Third, is there any possible way I can get ahold of a service manual for this TV?  I've looked all over the net to no avail, and I didn't know if maybe I was looking for the wrong thing.

 Lastly, any tips or suggestions as far as carrying out this repair are very much appreciated.  I can't wait to get this done so my PS3 doesn't look awful.

 Nothin like doing a "$500+ repair" for about 40 bucks, eh?  :)

 Thanks in advance!

Larry Dillon
You should replace both of

You should replace both of the convergence amp IC's at the same time unless you feel like tearing the set apart again an a few months, if not sooner. You should install only the original IC's made by Sanyo. You can get inexpensive IC's from all over the net but most of those are cheapo knockoffs or factory rejects. I recommend people to go HERE for their IC's. Also, you might have a blown pico or circuit protector on the board that feeds the b+ to each IC. You also may have burnt or open feedback resistors around the IC's. Also do not forget to put a good layer of new heat sink paste on the backs of the new IC's before you install them. Last, inspect your work after you are done soldering and make sure you do not have any solder bridges or solder splashes on the board or shorting between the pins of the IC's or associated circuitry. Just be careful and don't take any shortcuts. Good Luck

Yeah, I was going to pick up

Yeah, I was going to pick up the Sanyo IC's from the following site:  I'll look into the electronic repair kits place though.  Inexpensive is good, but cheap is not worth it -- I'd rather pay extra to not have to do this again.

 I also plan on using the best thermoconductor paste I can find... I was thinking of using some CPU heatsink paste, but if I can find something better, I'll use it.

Additionally, hopefully fixing the IC's should work, as everything else appears to be working properly. 

 Thanks so far... Any other tips/suggestions are welcome!

Hi Larry,
Hi Larry, I just replaced both STK392-110 chips on a Toshiba TP55E81 rear projection set that lost the picture. I ordered the chips for $21.95 from because they say they only sell original Sanyo parts. I cleaned the old paste off and applied new paste to both chips. I also checkled the resistors to make sure they were within 5% tolerence. I only had to replace one 2.2 ohm resistor which was out of tolerence. I got the picture back and the set worked for about an hour. Then, I lost the picture again. I turned it off for a few minutes and the picture came back for a few minutes then I lost the picture again. Now, I can't the picture to came back. While I did have a picture, I was able to adjust the red and blue to get good center convergence. I was unable to adjust the outer edges where blue was out quite a bit. Is it possible I did not get original Sanyo parts? They looked like the ones I removed and felt about the same weight. Is there some way to tell the difference? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Frank

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