Transfer files from Ipod Nano to Windows Media Player

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Transfer files from Ipod Nano to Windows Media Player

I just bought my daughter a Sansa MP3 player.  All of her music is on my Ipod Nano under her playlist.  How can I get the music off the Ipod to Windows Media Player so I can sync with her new player?

Chris Miller
Apple actually went to some

Apple actually went to some great lengths to make sure music couldn't be copied off the iPods.  If you're using the iPod as a removeable disk drive, then yes, you can transfer MP3 files on and off it.  If, however, your music was put on via iTunes (which is the only way to get music files on there so you can actually LISTEN to them with the iPod), then there's no easy way to copy them off to another device.  I'm sure there are some hack tools available out there somewhere that have broken the encryption to make this possible, but unfortunately, I don't think you have any "legit" way to do what you're describing.

Does your daughter still have the original music files on her PC?

Yes she does.  It is on her

Yes she does.  It is on her mom's laptop.  The music was downloaded via Itunes.  I think this makes copying impossible.  I think I am resolved to downloading the music in her playlist from Limewire and then setup an account for her with another music downloading company.  Wow!!!  I didn't realize Apple would make it so difficult.  Bummer for them.


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