Toshiba 26" Widescreen pic size issue

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Toshiba 26" Widescreen pic size issue

I own the Toshiba 26" Theaterwide HTDV (26HF85C) and am having an image size problem with it. The TV has 4 picture size settings all but 2 are magnified and cut the picture off quite a bit. The other 2 are normal which boxes the picture and puts white bars on the left and right of the screen and the other is supposed to fit the picture perfectly in the monitor its called full. I bought this TV mainly to play video games on but no matter what pic size I set the tv to the image is cut off, I tried changing the consoles (xbox, ps2) to widescreen modes and they are still cut off. im using component cables for the ps2 and the standard digital inputs for the xbox. Im no tv expert so some of the menu settings im not entirely sure what they do like turning Aspect on and off and switching from 520p to 1080i. However ive tried toggeling on and off the different settings and some make the picture flicker for a second but seem to do nothing. Ive tried contacting toshiba but they are really no help. Is there anything you can recommend me doing?

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I just got this T.V. the

I just got this T.V. the other day and am having problems as well. I thought widescreen movies would fill the screen completely and look sharp. Instead, the image still has the black around the top and bottom of the screen though a little less.
So, it appears by buying this T.V. all I did was reduce the squishing of the image (top/bottom)

Well I phoned Toshiba and

Well I phoned Toshiba and they told me it isnt supposed to do that, So they told me to bring it into a serivice centre for repairs. It's all free under warranty. You tried all the obvious pic size adjustments right?

alittle edit Its the 26HF84C

alittle edit Its the 26HF84C the 85C is a newer model.

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Orion, As long as your DVD


As long as your DVD player is properly configured for a widescreen TV, then all movies in a 1.85:1 ratio will fill the entire area of your TV screen. Movies in the scope 2.35:1 ratio will still leave small bars top and bottom, as it is wider than the ratio of a widescreen TV.

The following articles should answer all of your questions, but feel free to post back here if you have more on this topic:

How To Configure Your DVD Player For a Widescreen TV

Should I purchase a 'Full Screen' or 'Widescreen' DVD?

How various DVD aspect ratios will appear on your TV screen

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Hey Matt, Played around with

Hey Matt,

Played around with it. Thanks a lot for that.


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