Speaker Recommendation?

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Jeff Block
Speaker Recommendation?

I'm in the market for a good set of fronts. I'm leaning toward the JBL E80.

My receiver is the Sony STR-DE898, and the rest of my speakers are JBL's.

I also only have a 5.1 setup, but my receiver is 7.1-capable. Is it worth the money and energy to pick up an extra set of smaller speakers to complete the 7.1 environment?

Matt Whitlock
Whether or not you should do

Whether or not you should do 7.1 depends on your enviornment more than anything. I did an article on this a while back, it can help you make that determination. Read "Determining the Best Speaker Configuration for a Surround Sound System" and post back here with any follow up questions.

Speaker choices are very personal, but I do encourage you to listen to a wide variety of speakers with your own source material before you choose. I'm more than happy to give some recommendations, but I'll need a little info first.

Is your setup going to be more devoted to movie or music listening? Obviously, everyone always says "both", but really think about how you're going to use your system. Are you ever going to sit down in front of your speakers, close your eyes, and wrap yourself in classical music? Or, is music more for background noise?

You say you're replacing your fronts, but does that mean you currently have a center and surround speakers? If so, what kind are they?

Jeff Block
Re: music v movies, I'd have

Re: music v movies, I'd have to say movies. When I listen to music it's mostly stereo MP3s anyway. And no, I'm just not that deep a music person.

I have JBL's everywhere else (so yes, I do have a surround config now), but I don't remember the model numbers. I could look them up, but safe to say I've been pleased with them.


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