movie maker troubleshooting

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andy savory
movie maker troubleshooting

Hi I am just starting out. I have been trying to get movie maker to recognize my canon Z90 camcorder. I am running windows xp and have been using firewire (4pin at the DV terminal on the camera and 6 pin on my computer). I have tried 2 different frirewires. I have tried with the camera in 'camera' mode and with it in 'play(VCR)'mode. I have tried with the 6pin in each of the 3 busses? Holes on the back of my computer. I have tuned the computer off and on and tried again. I have turned the computer off and opened it and after grounding myself checked to see if the firewire card was firmly in the slot on the motherboard (am I saying that right?) I have downloaded something called Canon Digital Video Solution Disk ver 10.0 for windows.
And I have tried again and again. I keep getting the message that movie maker can not find a digital video capture device. Please help.

Ron Repking (not verified)
Windows XP should

Windows XP should automatically recognize that a new device is connected to your computer when you plug it in. My guess based on your information is that your firewire card is bad, so I would test that first. Try plugging in another firewire device (an iPod for example) to see if it recognizes that device first. Another test would be to take it to another computer to see if it is recognized there.

Your camcorder should be powered on and can be in either mode to be detected. Report back your findings.

andy savory
Thanks Ron I will try your

Thanks Ron I will try your suggestions. You may very well be right as it is an old card from a 'friend'. I did get it going enough to work for one set of clips.
I really appreciate the speed of your reply.
Andy Savory


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