help with cannon powershot

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help with cannon powershot

My shutter button is stuck halfway down. I can't focus or zoom or chang functions because of this. If anyone has any advice on how to get it unstuck i would appreciate it. thanks.

Matt Whitlock
Hmmm, that is a pickle! I

Hmmm, that is a pickle! I would say it probably depends on what is making the button stick.

Make sure there is no dust or debris causing a problem. If something is lodged in there, a can of compressed air may do the trick.

If not, can you be more specific about the situation when it broke. Did something spill inside? Did someone press the button too hard? Anything you can think of will be helpful.

The compressed air worked a

The compressed air worked a little. It started working again for a while then started sticking again. I popped the button out and when i put it back in it was working fine. I think my son was playing with it. He might have had sticky fingers. For now it is working. Thanks a lot.

Matt Whitlock
You're welcome. If it

You're welcome. If it continues to stick, you can try cleaning it with a little bit of rubbing alcohol the next time you have the button off. It should take care of any peanut butter and jelly residue that may have been left behind.


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