Radio interference from IT wi-fi

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Radio interference from IT wi-fi

I am getting considerable interference from my broad wi-fi system to the extent that I can no longer receive AM radio.  My broadband link is via a Belkin Router which has an inbuilt wireless router feeding 3 computers in the house.  I can still receive DAb radio without any interference.  I have read many articles on the internet dealing with interference the other way round i.e. radio interfering with broadband but I haven't seen any articles dealing with the reverse problem.  It does not matter how far the radio is away from the router - reception isstill non existent.

 Can anyone help with suggestions as to how to overcome this problem.


Matt Whitlock
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Interesting. So when you

Interesting. So when you unplug the router, the interference goes away entirely? When unplugged, you can receive radio just fine?


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