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I Don't get it!

Hi all, Okay. I buy a new JVC grd271(sams club members) I guess 270 really. I thought okay this guy says its easy. I read through the whole thing, I thought I followed ever direction and wanted to try to connect it, download and burn. Can someone explain the deal with the SD memory card? I bought the camcorder, not really plannning to use the sd card, due to my having a 6 pixel seperate digital camera. Anyway, I read the minimual instructions and try to get the camcorder to read and connnect to my conputer. The only files the software and the computer show (it did finally read the camcorder) is the still phots, not the DVI thing. I don't care about the still camera. OKAY...to make a long story short, I can't seem to get my taped film to the PC and why in the world do I need my sd memory card in to read it? It does connect cause it can transfer my pictures from my sd card. Did I thouroughly confuse anyone? I JUST WANT TO BURN MY MOVIES OF MY KID! I am ready to go back to my little annalog hitachi! HELP! Can someone explain, how these digital cameras work and how they transfer? I can't figure this out. I did the software, but it opens up to stills again! Thanks, Talk

I guess another thing is WHY

I guess another thing is WHY the sd card? Should the settings be different? I read the manual. Also, don't I just record on my dv tape and it should be able to be found on the camera? It did come with USB and the sams guy said use that, but I am going to get IEEE tommorrow. I mean geez, brand new dell with all the bells and whistles for media supposedly, but an I a real dumb blonde? Thanks all. i love this site!

Ron Repking (not verified)
Tal, very good reasonable

Tal, very good reasonable questions although a little difficult to follow, so we'll see what we can do.

First, the SD card is strictly for taking digital pictures. Rather than store them on a tape, it makes more sense for manufacturers to store them on a card for retrieval/display purchases. If you don't ever plan on taking digital pictures with your camcorder, you don't even need to have an SD card.

OK, now on to the camcorder. From your description, I imagine that your Dell is running Windows XP. Plug your camcorder into the computer and power it on into 'play mode'. It should recognize the camcorder and launch MovieMaker automatically. MovieMaker is software that you can use to edit your movies that comes with Windows XP.

If you computer does not recognize the camcorder, make sure your connections are correct. If you use the FireWire (IEEE) connection, then make sure it is connected to the DV out on the camcorder.

Report back your results.

Matt Whitlock
Upgrading your computer to

Upgrading your computer to interface with your camcorder via IEEE-1394 is a good idea. Start there and see how it goes.

The SD card in your camcorder is only to capture still images, making them easier to retrieve and print. Without it, it would have to capture stills on the DV tape, and you wouldn't want to have a random still appear during playback of video.

I can't say whether or not your model is capable of sending video via the USB interface since JVC doesn't have the user manual available for download. I can't even tell you what the software is that they give you.

Windows XP computers come with a program called Windows Movie Maker (Start --> Programs --> Accessories). Launch that program and try to transfer video. It may be easier than what JVC provides.

Ron Repking wrote a great guide called "How To Convert Your VHS and Analog Camcorder Tapes to DVD". Transferring video to a PC is covered in this series. The first article gives an overview of the different options, click the red links to explore these options in detail. Post back here and inform us of your progress. We may still be able to answer additional questions.

Hey Thanks all,Guess what.

Hey Thanks all,
Guess what. The guys who sell this stuff don't know everything! The salesman said I could use a USB. Cool I thought. I also have firewire (new to that) as well as a serial (I don't know why) Anyway. Plugged in a new IEEE and POOF, ALL BETTER. Thanks so much for the explanations. I have a great digital camera, but the stupid JVC instructions were horrible. SO if anyone needs any help understanding their new JVC camcorder. Ask questions and be careful with the instructions. I wish I could print them here. They are terrible. They say, use USB to transfer video or IEEE1394. They also say put in a sd card to start video transfer. I didn't think I was that dumd.
MATT and RON THANKS. I am now a member here and not just a lurker with all my little nifty gadgets! Tal

Tie Guy
Nothing better than poorly

Nothing better than poorly translated manuals, eh Tal...

In fact, you've inspired me to start a new forum thread on this: http://www.techlore.com/forum/thread/11695/

Ron Repking (not verified)
Glad to hear you got it

Glad to hear you got it working! I was a little suspicious when they said you could transfer via USB, but like Matt, the manual for the camcorder isn't even available on their website!


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