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AIWA CD Player

The CD player will not spin on my AIWA #CA-DW550 combo AM/FM, Cassette, CD Player.  The monitor lights up and all other functions play (Radio & Cassette)  Please advise on how to repair and jump start the CD Player.



Larry Dillon
Sorry, but the spindle motor,

Sorry, but the spindle motor, or the laser assembly is bad in this unit. If all the other functions work, i highly doubt if there is a power supply problem. I am thinking though that the laser assembly is bad, because before a CD player or a DVD player will spin, The laser unit has to focus on the disc, and then it will spin. Some models of Aiwa CD players did however have bad spindle motors.  If the laser is bad, buy a new unit, because between the parts and the labor, it will run you very close to what a new unit will cost. Good Luck

I appreciate your comments re

I appreciate your comments re: non-functioning AIWA CD player.  I probably   will sometime check out the CD unit and will take into account your advise re: purchasing a new unit.

Richard M.

Hi I was trying to repair the

Hi I was trying to repair the Aiwa cx-nx10Lsh cd player, problem is it takes the disc and placed it over the lens spins the disc, the laser peeps up snd down, back and fort and stop. Does it need focusing?

Hi i was trying to repair an

Hi i was trying to repair an Aiwa cd player model Cx-nx10Lsh 3 changer player, it loads the cd start spinning the disc the lens peeps up and down, back and fort then stop. I notice the lens does not turn red, is it bad?

Larry Dillon
sounds like a problem with

sounds like a problem with the focus or tracking servo. Could even be as simple as dirt or grime on the lens. We get that all the time with cd jukeboxes in bars and restaurants try cleaning the lens first really well with denatured alcohol

I have a AIWA mod.# CX-NA22U

I have a AIWA mod.# CX-NA22U CD plyer. It starts to spin and then stops. Does any have an idea ?


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