Anyone looking to placeshift TV?

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Steven Jones
Anyone looking to placeshift TV?

Sling Media got a lot of attention at this year's CES show in Vegas for their Slingbox. It is supposed to piggyback on any home video source and allow you to remotely view/control that device from a computer over the net.

So that means being able to watch your TiVo/DVR, satellite/cable programming, or home media PC from a hotel room on the other side of the world using the internet and some client software that Sling provides.

They call it "place-shifting" and are looking to continue the progress made by TiVo where consumers are looking to gain more control over their entertainment experence.

I like the idea and will be in line to buy one as soon as they are available. What does everyone else think? Is this something that sounds appealing? Do you want to watch TV on a laptop, wireless PDA or cellphone while sipping coffee in a remote hotspot or lounging in a hotel room? What about catching up on the tournament highlights when you have a break at work?

Eric Daugherty (not verified)
I wasn't very high on the

I wasn't very high on the idea, until the Big Ten tourney came around and I sat in my office wishing I could watch the game on my computer from my TiVo/TV at home.

Ron Repking (not verified)
Just coming back from

Just coming back from vacation, it clearly would have been nice to watch local programming (sports, news, etc) on the road and to catch up on some shows that I've recorded but haven't had time to watch.

I think that this idea will be huge as wireless Internet connectivity and portable video-capable devices become more pervasive.

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
I am. I was taking a short

I am. I was taking a short vacation a few days ago, and would have loved to pull up my local stations, or shows on my Replay from the hotel. I'm getting a Slingbox the second they are available.

Why is it that hotels pick some of the strangest channels for their guests?

Steven Jones (not verified)
So now I have two Slingboxes,

So now I have two Slingboxes, one for my TiVo and one for my Wife's. We are on vacation now and happily streaming our shows to our Internet-enabled rental property - just not at the same time:-(

If you haven't seen one of these, you must get a demo. The first generation of the Slingbox is right up there with the first generation TiVo! Once you see it, you'll get it and want one.


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