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scanning/paperless office

Hello to you all.....

I work for a general contractor in Paradise Valley AZ. Corporate office is in Chicago. We are wanting a comprehensive operating system that each employee in the company can access. We will need hardware and software.

The system should work in such a way that each day the paperwork that comes into our company can be systematically and electronically processed, assimilated, distributed and archived depeding on needs. There should be a central peice of equipment that the scanning is done on, a menu choice at the scanner level that allows for the item(s) to be scanned to a certain location in the system and the flexibility to have multimple choices of placing the information .

Our company will run all projects off the C.O.B.R.A. operating system that operates on MS project The idea would be to have files, documents, plans etc all linked to the applicable task line on the COBRA system. This task line would encompass all of the "final" project data- so that anyone who wanted the latest and truest information would sign on to the system, go to the specific COBRA and see what was needed. in that same theory, each day the information that comes into our company would need to be scanned to either a general mailbox (where an employee would analyze what was scanned and then transfer or move each file to the appropriate areas). we would like to have a COBRA system for each project we are working on that will contain any and all information, easily accessed from where any of us are.

I am thinking someone out here in online-land has this kind of system up and running. Please contact me so that I can give you more specific information. And also?

thank you in advance!


Larry Dillon
Jill you need a Cysco expert.

Jill you need a Cysco expert.  Great data planing and hardware expertise.  Good Luck


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