62" sony projection tv model #kp-61V25

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62" sony projection tv model #kp-61V25

this was hand down from a relative, im not sure if i should spend much money on it if the repairs are too expensive. when i try to turn on the tv it does 2 clicks and thats it. it seem it wants to turn on but shuts of right away. dont know where to go from here, any advise would be greatlly appreciated. serious responses only please.

Matt Whitlock
Well, I guess it really

Well, I guess it really depends on what your definition of "too expensive" is. Given the description, I don't think a remote diagnosis is possible, anything would be merely a guess. You'll have to have it diagnosed by a service man if you want a quote.

However, I will tell you that the KP-61V25 was sold during the 1995 model year, so it is going to be about 10 years old. I'm afraid that if you do spend the money to get it repaired, it may be in vain. CRT RPTVs from this time period tend to be problem prone after about 10 years of solid use. Even if you didn't have any problems, the image quality has most likely suffered from 10 years of use.

Keep in mind that just getting the quote will put you out 75-100 bucks, even if you don't have it fixed. The price of the quote is roughly half (give or take) of the television's current value.

I feel your money would be better spent on a brand new television. A new widescreen CRT rear-pro would give you a fantastic image, be compatible with HDTV, and offer you much more value for your money in the long term.

In the end, it's really up to you. Do you take a gamble, or no?

Anyone else want to chime in with their opinion?

i had the technition came by

i had the technition came by and u were correct it did cost me $70 just for the visit. it turns out there was a blown fuse on a "convergance board" the entire board was replaced and all worked fine. i was charged $135 for the replacement board and $60 for the labor. it took him about 45 minutes to complete the job. $265 was the total. was it possible to replace the fuse instead of replaceing the entire board? i wanted to ask but i didnt want to insult the repair guy and maybe charge me more, anyway thanks for the advise.

You did the right thing, and
You did the right thing, and I hope your set is still running right now, in 2018.  And no, the fuse blew for a reason, and your tech fixed that reason.  Your fuse would have blown again as soon as you turned it on again, or maybe even somewhat later, as those ICs sometimes take a little while of being intermittent before they short internally and blow the fuse.  But once it starts blowing fuses it won't stop.  You did the right thing. These CRT RPTVs have been lasting line nobody's business.  They keep going, and going, and going... I still have one, it's a Mit WS 73517, last of its kind.  Aside from a noise problem with the signal board when new and fully covered by warranty, it has been purring like a kitten ever since.  I just had an inquiry about this KP model and I go over there at noon.  I suspect it will be the same thing, and I will be encouraging the owner to plunk down and get it fixed, like you did.  The price you paid was excellent, seeing as how replacing your set would have been head and shoulders more expensive.   Yes I am in the biz and have a self interest in repairing these sets.  But the facts speak for themselves - these sets are lasting seemingly forever.  One Panasonic CRT based TV I heard of was still going strong at 29 years old.  Nothing can touch their longevity among today's short-lived TVs. If you have a CRT based TV and want to keep it, I may be the only tech around willing to work on them, but I am here for you.  Google Mr Bob Image Perfection and let's talk.

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