8gb mp3 player from ebay

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Carole K
8gb mp3 player from ebay


Please can someone help me?  I have managed to put 2 Corrs albums on my player and it plays fine - I can switch folders (eventually!) and listen to each album.  I think I've done something wrong though.  I created a folder called Music and put the albums in there but when I plug my player into my PC and look what's on it, it says the Music folder is empty and it doesn't show any of the music files (or anything else!).  Any suggestions would be great - before I throw the darned thing through the window!!


Matt Whitlock
When you say you don't see

When you say you don't see any music files in the folder, is it safe to assume you're using Windows Explorer to view the files? If so, this method doesn't work with all players. Try launching Windows Media Player 10 or 11, then see if you can browse your device's music that way.


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