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windows media player

WMP 10 will play mpeg files but freezes when trying to play wmv and avi files.
i downloaded a bunch of codec files the lates driver to my nvidia video card and have the same problem also can't watch dvds with showtime and WM Classic. please help

Matt Whitlock
Windows Media Player should

Windows Media Player should definitely be able to play WMV files. Is it currently freezing on all WMV files, or only a few specific ones? AVI files encoded in Divx will need you to have the latest Divx codec installed. You can find it here.

Playing DVDs on a computer require a compatible DVD driver/decoder to be installed. Windows Media Player does not come with one preinstalled. Do you have a version of Cyberlink PowerDVD or something similar that you've installed?


hi and thanks for the reply

hi and thanks for the reply

WMP is freezing on all WMV files. i just downloaded the Divx codec and i hope my avi files will run now.

my DVD player didn't come with Cyberlink PowerDVD what we use to watch dvds with untill this problem, is SHOWTIME.

With Windows Media player 9

With Windows Media player 9 you could download and watch an internet video and there was a drop down menu with a "save to" option which let you save the video to your documents folder, as opposed to saving it in the media player library.

Does anyone know how to do this with Media Player 10? 

sounds like a different

sounds like a different problem then just codec,try using another player.trying to save these files will definitly pack up the hadr drive,just download to a folder of ur choice and burn to dvd,i use converttodvd,one of the best,i tells ya.



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