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The Almost-Real Galaxy Quest

E-Paper gets bigger

Check this out!
Plastic Logic developed 10 inch e-paper based on E-Ink technology (of course...). They claim that it's the biggest in the world. If you think that Samsung declared last week that they have developed the largest and it was a crapy 7 inch one, my choice is Plastic Logic.
This thing has a 100 pixels/inch resolution and it's capable of displaying texh and images with 4 tones of gray. They say nothing about the speed of the display.

Here it is...

P.S. Are this things ever going to be in colour?!

Intel guitar???

This thing smells funny. An electric guitar with Intel Centrino Mobile technology? And seems like Intel teamed up with Fender for this. So the ideea is that you cand download all sorts of sounds on the go and can browse the web in between songs. I'm a guitar player but I wouldn't buy that in a million years (although maibe in the future I won't have a choice). I got this from Pocket Lint and they even have a statement from Chris Hogg, Intel UK Marketing Manager so I don't know what to think anymore. Do you remember the Intel Surfboard?

Here's the original article from the brits:

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WM5 has been killed; long live PPC 2003se

I couldn't take it. WM5 on my Axim 50v was killing me, and the last straw was its attempted murder of my battery.

I got to work in the AM and cabled it to the PC, expecting it to draw power. I came back from a 90 minute meeting to find the power down to 68%. I proceeded to re-connect it, only to find it wouldn't pick up the cable's presence. Now it was draining the battery just by connecting to the USB cable. Processor was stepped down to slowest, nothing running, but I could literally refresh the battery screen and see it degrade.

I shut it down, tried some tweaks off Aximsite. Even worse. I shut it off, brought it home at 6% power remaining. Helpful note: you cannot update the ROM unless you have a battery at 40% or more. Even swapping out the low battery with a fresh one did not matter, because WM5 insisted the new battery was low as well.

My Slingbox Made Me Famous

Well, not really, but it was kind of cool to get a call from the Chicago Tribune. They wanted to talk tech with me about my slingbox. I told them it was everything I dreamed it could be (and it is)!

Check out the article.



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