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Reach Your Broadband Cap With Comcast Backup Service
I’m still waiting for a way to track my data usage from their cable modem. Whatever software utility they’re working on doesn’t account for my Xbox, TiVo Amazon, and Netflix Roku VOD. However, I can’t bash Comcast too much… 250GB/month looks absolutely mammoth and generous compared to Time Warner Cable’s meager 40GB cap.

Video of Windows 7 UI on a netbook
James, don’t know if you read that YouTube embeds now have a HQ (high quality) toggle right in the video itself. It may not be HD resolution/size, but I don’t need to leave your site to see sharper video. While the video is playing, hover over that triangle in the lower right, click on HQ, and the better stream arrives.

Wireless Subsidies Reversed: Verizon’s $249 Femtocell
I’d rather just pay $200 to switch carriers to one that provides decent coverage throughout the house. A new gig I’m contemplating has poor AT&T coverage, which may line up nicely with moving to a Palm Pre on Sprint.

Are Bloggers Underutilizing PR People?
There’s still a certain amount of secretiveness amongst some PR people/firms. Not sure if they’re old school or what, but at least some seem adversarial with little to no info given. The firms/folks who engage in a dialogue are so much more enjoyable to deal with. And inevitably brings them better coverage, because we’re more informed. It’s really like any other relationship, both sides have to work at it and meet in the middle. Some can pull it off, others are incapable or unwilling. I guess the final point is that when you have so many negative experiences, and I’ve had many, you’re less likely to reach out to the (good) firms for comment, assistance, conversation.

Google Street View Captures Your Shame
Yeah, this totally lost its appeal when I also discovered it was a planned event with the Google Maps team. Impromptu nerdism is much more entertaining than a coordinated gaggle of nerds performing on cue.


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