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New TiVo HD XL: Big Drive, Big Price
$600 is a lot but they?re targeting custom installers and Magnolia. It basically uses the same TiVo HD hardware, so the cost to get this out the door is low. As long as they keep production under control, this will be a high margin item for TiVo. What they really need to do is get the TiVo HD down to 199. Given this early launch, I could see both units dropping by a hundred (rebate, maybe?) in mid or early November for holiday sales.

iRiver Concepts Feel Straight Out of Terry Gilliam’s Brain
The external speaker is attractive and functional in that it props the device at a nice viewing angle. However, where I’d most use something like that is a plane tray table. With headphones. I like the Nokia N800/N810 kick stand and it looks like the N96 includes one as well.

XOHM WiMAX from Sprint Dropping Next Month
We?re mixing apples and oranges here. There?s WiMax the technology and then there?s Sprint?s business strategy. At the end of the day, most consumers (once we get beyond the geek crowd) shouldn?t care what technology or brand is powering their high speed wireless, but Sprint?s strategy of telling folks to take your Internet connectivity with you under one plan may resonate.

Would you buy a high end phone that didn’t have 3G?
Do as I say, not as I do! I bought a $400 iPhone without 3G. ;) Fortunately, my N95 has the “correct” US frequencies, but I know several people with the European model. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that our circle is highly geeky and not representative. The Omnia looks hot. Given their marketing push, I’m guessing a US model will show up at some time. Though they’re going to need a better stylus implementation in the US.

A Quick Guide to Netbooks
Micro Center doesn?t have the ?new? Aspire One pricing. XP edition is still 400 with a sale price of 380. Hm. I do like the looks of it, but the crazy positioning of the mouse buttons ruins it for me which is why I?ve got the 10? Lenovo S10 on order ($395 w/ XP). Unfortunately it only has 512MB builtin and I haven?t seen an optional 6 cell battery yet. The Wind still looks like it could be the best 10? option out there but the ideal config runs $600 - assuming you can find it. The Eee line looks plastcy, toy-like. Even the newer models. Not for me.

Chrome Steals Headlines back from Gov Palin

Being a geek, of course I’ll download and futz with it. Win only at first, though the Google blog does say Mac and Linux editions are being crafted as well. As an end user, it doesn’t appear all that revolutionary. Sounds like a pretty typical browser experience. Though the Javascript and process compartmentalization sound good for security and performance.


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