ZillionTV Gives Up on 2009

A Q4 2009 release has morphed into a second half of 2010 launch as, I assume, ZillionTV struggles to find distribution partners, perhaps feeling threatened by local broadcasters which don’t appreciate the studio-backed over-the-top video STB encroaching on their turf. I also assume their business plan of a free box streaming ad-supported content will be reevaluated… and then dropped.

Can’t say any of this is surprising, as it’s damn hard to launch a new “television” service. Just ask Sezmi and their “TV 2.0″ experience, which we first covered 5/08 and has yet to see the light of day. Or how about satellite-broadband hybrid XStreamHD, first revealed late 2007 and who canceled their 2009 CES press conference on Ben Drawbaugh (EngadgetHD) and I without announcing distribution plans or partners. (And most know that the current incarnation of TiVo, Inc has had a hard time retaining customers of what is arguably the premiere DVR.)

That’s not to say there’s isn’t room for success in this space, as it sure looks like networked gaming consoles and Roku (having moved hundreds of thousands of units) are thriving as secondary sources of video content. But my money’s still on the existing, entrenched cable and satellite providers maintaining their lock on the primary television service market.


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