Xbox 360 Twitter & Facebook Demoed (Meh)

NewTeeVee took a look at Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 360 (Live) Facebook and Twitter apps. And weren’t quite sold on the experience.

[...] implementing social TV is harder than we thought. My first impression was that socializing felt disconnected from the Xbox experience. This could just be my bias since I primarily use Xbox as gaming platform, but there isn’t much overlap between my friend interaction and my playing.

The question I posed in August (Do you want Twitter on your TV?) is irrelevant at this point. Social networking functionality is most definitely creeping into our living room devices. However, beyond the ‘novelty’ factor, Twitter TV has limited value in its current form. What we need is more sophisticated integration. Both on the source device and in how/what we share. But don’t let the current state of affairs stop you from hitting up the Xbox Live Preview program.

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