Xbox 360 RRoD, Just in Time

My Xbox 360 finally experienced the dreaded Red Ring of Death (RRoD). Over the last few weeks my 360’s been randomly freezing-up while playing Dead Space. It crashed/hung more and more frequently until I couldn’t run the console for more than 10 minutes without locking up. Many times it froze on the boot screen and initially I didn’t get the classic Red Ring of Death.

I called Microsoft support, expecting to have to pay for a warranty repair. Happily, while the support rep walked me through his trouble-shooting script, the console displayed the Red Ring of Death for the first time. I was able to boot the 360 a couple more times after the first RRoD, but it inevitably failed to the Red-Ring-of-Death state within minutes or seconds.

The reason why I’m happy about this, is because I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones that acquired the 360 at launch  – November 22, 2005. Microsoft’s extended RRoD warranty lasts three years from the date of purchase. My 360 RRoD’d just days before the third anniversary of my purchase date. As a result, I qualified for the free replacement.

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