Where?s Dave?

It’s going to be quiet around here the next few days…

Not only is it March Madness (Go Retrievers?), tomorrow’s the move. And I haven’t even finished packing, plus it’ll take me awhile to dig out. However, once I do my home work environment should be much improved. Examples: I intend to upgrade my “walking desk” by wall-mounting my current desktop PC LCD, which in turn will be replaced by a 22″ - 24″ television - better suited for HTPC duty and improved “lab” conditions for the Battle Royale. (Unless it waits until I’m in the office, where I can use two Westinghouse HDTVs side-by-side.) My Airport Extreme base station and 750GB Maxtor USB drive are currently 15 miles apart, but one of my first post-relocation tests will be with the new firmware enabling Time Machine network backups. However, I’d be happy with just improved disk access.

FYI In the course of clearing out my stuff, I had decent results unloading maybe 15 items through an ebay consignment shop and finally figured out how to recycle useless tech via Office Depot (PDF link).


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