Where?s Dave?

I’m here. Really. Had a busy week in the office and my MacBook Pro -> MacBook Pro migration took far too long and felt a bit Windows-esque… including an OS reinstall. While the fanboys may want to blame this one on me, I had some serious high-powered former Apple employee assistance and it’s not user error.

Despite my frustrations, I also had my mom pick up a Mac Mini when her Compaq died… this also took some time to configure, though that has more to do with instructing her over the phone (an exercise in patience) followed by tedious tweaking, installs, etc via iChat screen sharing. During the process I decided she’ll be getting her first digital camera soon and if the Eye-Fi passes muster, she’ll be using it.

Like my pal Peter Rojas, I’m also drowning in unused gear. I got as far as listing just my Samsung Blackjack (now running Windows Mobile 6), before giving up and taking Guitar Hero III and the Toshiba HD DVD A3 player to an ebay consignment shop. Assuming the experiment goes well, I’ve got many more gadgets to bring them.

Which brings me to the next item that kept me busy over the weekend… We’ve made plans to relocate in 6 weeks. Between the continual flood of gear and needing a better layout for the home office, it’s time for a move.


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