More HTPC Experimentation

What to do with a headless Vista PC? Now that the LCD’s been relocated, the desktop computer needs a new home. In two weeks, I’m visiting my great uncle who’s possibly in need of an updated system. There’s always ebay. Or maybe I need to keep this HP around for random experiments like running Mythbuntu, etc. For starters, I decided to temporarily relocate my Xbox 360 and TiVo HD into the closet and give a few Windows-based DVR software packages a whirl on the 42″ plasma. However, to overcome the insufficient integrated graphics, I swung by Micro Center and picked up a Visiontek Radeon 3450 fanless video card with HDMI output ($50AR). Though I got a decent amount of exercise configuring the new card and Vista Media Center, I wasn’t pleased blowning over an hour getting HDMI audio to work. A good reminder why I originally moved away from dedicated HTPCs. At the moment, I’m using OTA ATSC. But if I fully commit to a HTPC in the living room, I’ll probably utilize clear QAM for a cleaner look and more channels.


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