How Much is Satellite Radio Worth?


At a time when folks are clearly cutting back on discretionary spending, it’s somewhat counter-intuitive to see the newly flush-with-cash Sirius XM raising rates. A blogging buddy received the email blast above earlier this week regarding his $1.98 service fee increase – something he likens to corporate “suicide.” While it may not reach harakiri levels of gore, the fallout from this tacked on “Music Royalty Fee” may not pretty.

At $12.95 a month, and without online streaming, XM Sirius service ran more than I was willing to pay when I canceled last fall. However, I rejoined this spring upon discovering a half off prepay dealio ($77/yr) on Fatwallet. And have been enjoying Lithium in my car ever since.

So I’m wondering where the sweet spot is – How much is Sirius XM worth to you?


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