Hava iPhone Client Submitted to Apple

Hava’s iPhone placeshifting client has been submitted to Apple for approval, according to email correspondence from customer service staff. Like their Slingbox competition, I suspect we’ll most likely end up with another crippled WiFi-only release due to AT&T’s non-net neutral policies. (Although, the FCC is expected to say something on this matter today.) I first took the Hava mobile software for a spin back at CES using an iPod Touch (pic above). At that time it wasn’t nearly as polished as their fine Nokia Maemo client. So I assume the intervening months have been put to good use in perfecting the experience.

In addition to a similar citation on the Hava forum, here’s an email exchange between Hava support and trusted ZNF mole, Jon. The first installment occurred on August 20th:

Any update on the iPhone app? Really want it. Please offer some info?

IPhone Client is almost ready needs some finishing touches. We are targeting it to be released next month. However the release date is subject to Change.

Installment #2, recorded yesterday:

Any word on when this will be released?

Thank you for contacting HAVA Support again. Client Software for iPhone has been submitted to “AppStore” for Approval. May take a few more weeks, to be approved and released on web.

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