DoubleTwist Doesn?t Do TiVoToGo


Yesterday’s other big news was the beta release of DVD Jon’s DoubleTwist software - a swiss army knife of multimedia conversion, sharing, and syncing. The feature (rightfully) garnering the most attention is the conversion of DRM-ed iTunes into unprotected MP3s behind the scenes for playlist synchronization onto non-iPods. Though, being a video geek my first experiments were with TiVo…

On a fairly clean Windows XP install (TiVo Desktop, though minimal codecs), DoubleTwist was unable to play TiVoToGo content. In fact, the program didn’t see the video files (or directory) until I changed the file extension from .tivo to .mpeg. And as you can see above, once found, DoubleTwist doesn’t utilize TiVo’s .dll during playback. I was interested in seeing what would happen when syncing TiVo video to a Nokia N95, but I discovered device synchronization is currently limited to music.


Speaking of that N95, DoubleTwist did immediately index the photos and videos I’ve shot - had I wanted to share them with someone. Though, that brings up a problem (for me) with this software. I imagine DVD Jon is a nice guy, but the required online registration and service connectivity is a major turn off. I want to convert, sync, and possibly share privately.


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