DirecTV Is THE Service for NFL Fans


For NFL fans, DirecTV is the television provider you gotta have. I’m sure many appreciate the expansion of the Red Zone channel to other pay TV services, but mine (Cox) isn’t one of them. Not to mention, given the Twitter buzz, Comcast’s implementation was lacking in many markets. No HD?!


DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket Super Fan package isn’t inexpensive – we’re talking like $400. But it’s hard to argue with the coverage. Access to pretty much every game – on television, PC, and iPhone. Including the Red Zone channel and a Player Tracker overlay to keep an eye on your fantasy team. (Mine’s not very good, although the Seattle QB+TE tandem paid dividends.)

I’m pretty sure my buddy Tim was mocking my lack of access when he sent pics of the Adobe Air Supercast (top) and iPod Touch (below) video streaming apps. However, even though I’m stuck with just the “local” games at home, my new wing place is also a Super Fan. And we managed to catch the Eagles while someone else cleaned up after us.



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