Digital Media Bytes: Last100 Edition

A periodic roundup of relevant news… from our friends at Last100:

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The Gadget Show Live: mobile phone watches
This is a product category that has me far from convinced but it’s intriguing nonetheless. I’m talking about mobile phone watches, which are about as Star Trek or Knight Rider as they come. I got to see two such devices up close (to varying degrees) at The Gadget Show Live last week.

Joost up for Sale? Old media to the rescue
Having already re-invented itself once, ditching its P2P desktop application in favor of a browser-based site powered by Flash video, Joost is trying once again. This time positioning itself an ideal platform for powering the Internet TV ambitions of a cable or satellite company, according to the report. Time Warner are said to be the only party interested so far, although both companies have refused to comment.

Why is Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ a flop?

Nokia’s all-you-can-eat music offering “Comes With Music” (CWM) hasn’t exactly caught on in the UK, according to Music Ally, with the service attracting just over 23,000 active users. “Given the high-profile marketing campaign around its launch with retailer Carphone Warehouse, that’s a sluggish start”, notes the site. So why has CWM been a flop here?

BlackBerry address book integrates Facebook, apes Palm Pre’s “Synergy”

A new version of the Facebook for BlackBerry application has been released that offers better integration with the social networking site. Two standout features: a user’s friends list is kept in sync with the handset’s built-in address book and notifications from the social networking site are “pushed” to the phone’s home screen.


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