Digital Media Bytes: Last100 Edition

A periodic roundup of relevant news… from our friends at Last100:

Yahoo’s Widget Channel debuts on new Samsung Internet-connected TVs
Compatible Samsung TVs start at $3,000 for a 46-inch screen and the feature enables users to install mini-apps referred to as “widgets” that offer access to a range of Yahoo services — news, stock quotes, Flickr photos, weather — along with those from third-party services, such as Twitter and eBay.

ZeeVee’s consumer set-top box too expensive and too complicated, says company CEO
The product never took off, selling “just a few thousand units” and has since been canned. The reason, ZeeVee’s CEO Vic Odryna is that the product was too expensive and too complicated. starts charging international users, kills third-party mobile apps

Another reality check for ad-supported music services. CBS-owned has started charging users outside of the US, UK and Germany to make up for the short fall in advertising revenue.

Gravity, a really nice Twitter app lands on Symbian S60 phones

The end result is a very powerful yet user-friendly Twitter app, and one that is better in many ways than Twitter’s own website and the many iPhone Twitter clients out there.


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