Digital Media Bytes: Last100 Edition

A periodic roundup of relevant news… from our friends at Last100:


Hulu goes social, it’s all about the ads
Right in time for its first anniversary, video site Hulu has announced that it is dipping its toe into social networking - ‘Hulu Friends’ enables users to create profiles and, optionally, share their viewing activity with other members of the site.

Usability guru weighs in on Amazon’s Kindle

Usability guru Jackob Nielson has given Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader the once over. His conclusion: perhaps unsurprisingly, the device is great for linear reading, like novels, but falls down badly when consuming non-linear content, such as electronic versions of magazines or newspapers.

Will Apple’s ‘Netbook’ be open or closed?
Rumors of an Apple Netbook or Internet tablet have resurfaced once again.  Perhaps the most important design decision for Apple will be whether to build the company’s future Netbook on an open or closed platform.

Nokia ramps up music ambitions
Three new music-focused handsets were announced, along with expansion of the company’s own music download store and all-you-can-eat ‘Comes With Music’ subscription-based offering.


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