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YouTube, Upstream Bandwidth, and Channel Bonding
It wasn’t long ago that YouTube’s maximum upload size was 10 MB. Then it jumped to 100 MB, followed by 1 GB last fall, followed now by a new 2 GB ceiling. YouTube’s upload file sizes are increasing to keep pace with the new, cheap HD camcorders on the market.

DTV Transition Adds to Pay-TV Subscriber Numbers
One of my questions leading up to the broadcast digital TV transition was how many OTA TV watchers would make the jump to cable, telco, or satellite service. The answer is right around 653,000.

Kindle 2 Price Drops to $299 & Drops the 2 from Name
If you’ve been holding out for the Kindle 2 for a little lower price you’re in luck. I paid $359 when the Kindle 2 first came out and my biggest negative was the high price. Since then the price has dropped twice and is now down to $299 with free shipping.

SageTV Developing Linux Media Server on Flash Drive
The SageTV Linux Media Server is designed to be used as with a “headless” (without TV/monitor) server. So basically you would take a computer with all of its hardware installed, plug in the USB flash drive into the computer and boot the computer with that flash drive.

Fancast and See Starz
Comcast has added the Starz network to its roster of on-demand content that will be made available on Fancast and The premium movie channel will serve up 300 movies online, though all in standard-def to start.


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