D-Link DivX Connected Media Extender Unboxing & Setup

As we approach release the of the D-Link DSM-300 DivX Connected STB, I (and several of my blogosphere buddies) have been offered an advance look at the media extender. Like a Windows Media Center or Sage TV extender, the DSM-300 primarily relies on PC-based software to serve up your digital media (though I’m told a Mac equivalent is in the works). Thus far, I’ve only unboxed and configured the unit - joining my wireless network was painless (device maxes out with 802.11g) and the enclosure is attractive. I’m also pleased to see they didn’t skimp on accessories… The unit ships with an HDMI cable. While I don’t need one, many will - and it’s a consumer friendly touch. Assuming things remain on track, we can expect general availability within about a month priced similarly to the UK (99 British pounds = ~$200?). I’ll have more to say at some point, though Brent will probably beat me to a formal review.


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